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1945: Gadget Explosives Work Complete

Working under lights until late at night, Bradbury finishes placing the last of the HE into the sphere of the gadget. The tent with the gadget is to be guarded through the night. (Tomorrow it’ll get hoisted up the tower, and the detonators connected.)

1945: Down like a ton of bricks

Forgot to mention something that happened this morning when Kistiakowsky and the gadget arrived. There was a major scene at base camp. One of the procedures that took place yesterday was a test of the firing circuits—what’re known as X-units. Those circuits are the ones that’ll ignite the explosive charges. So they were testing the […]

1945: A tight squeeze (too tight?)

And now the crew is finally placing the assembled plutonium core in the very center of the great sphere, and closing it off with the uranium tamper plug, so that the last of the explosive lenses can be put into place. So. Core’s in. Good, and now for the tamper plug. No. wait. It doesn’t […]

1945: Core travels from McDonald house to Zero

Plutonium core assembly is done. The completed assembly is taken to a car outside the ranch house. Bacher drives it out to Zero. It arrives at 3:18 pm. [image source]

1945: Memo: 13 July 1300 hours

Trinity Test Procedure Memo: 13 July 1300 hours. Unloading Gadget at Trinity. Truck backs up to base of tower. Tarpaulin is removed, cradle and assembly unlashed. Main hoist lifts sphere off cradle with spreader bar or tongs. Drive truck out from under sphere. Place new cradle under hoist and lower sphere suspended by tongs into […]

1945: Gadget Under Tent; Engineers Tense

Winching a sphere filled with 5000 pounds (2268kg) of explosives off of a truck bed and onto the ground is a dicey proposition. “We were scared to death that we were would drop it,” Bradbury recalls, “because we didn’t trust the hoist and it was the only bomb immediately available. It wasn’t that we were […]