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1945: Bomb Core arrives at Trinity

That was a fast trip! Plutonium bomb core arrives at Trinity. Army Sargeant Herbert Lehr carries it into the McDonald Ranch house (image from here). Armed guards to keep watch outside.

The sources I’m using for this project

I’ve posted links to all the sources I’m using for this “Liveblogging the bomb, 60 years later” project. In the sidebar are quick links, and there’s also a link to a more detailed description of each offering. This is but a subset of written and documentary work about the Manhattan Project canon, and I won’t […]

1945: Memo: 12 July 1600 hours

Trinity Test Procedure Memo: 12 July 1600 hours. Seal all holes in case. Wrap with scotch wrap. Box charges, inner and outer with two spares for each.

1945: Plutonium core leaves Los Alamos

The plutonium core convoy leaves The Hill (Los Alamos) for a trip to Trinity. In the lead: an armed escort. Then an Army sedan, with Philip Morrison and plutonium core in backseat. Behind the sedan is a carload of assembly crew people. The armed escort was in front to assuage Morrison’s concern about a possible […]

1945: Assembling the explosives, part 2

Now the second half of the explosives are being put into place. One set of explosives is not part of the final assembly. It’ll be replaced by a place-holder, a plug that will be removed at Trinity, so that the plutonium core can be inserted into the center. Once that’s done, the final set of […]

1945: Sphere half-filled with implosive explosives

Bottom half of the high explosives (aka HE) set. Uranium (natural) tamper sphere lowered into center with winch. Uranium sphere has hole to accommodate plutonium core. Tech note: The uranium tamper (called natural because it’s not enriched to extract only the explosive uranium in it, but is uranium as it is mined) is designed to […]