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1945: Weather update. Tropical

Tropical air mass arrives. Air slightly hazy (due to salt particles). It’ll be like this for the next six days. Meterologist Jack Hubbard thrilled (not!).

1945: An all nighter with a dentist’s drill

Kistiakowsky pulls all-nighter to bring faulty castings up to par. “In some desperation, I got hold of a dental drill and, not wishing to ask others to do an untried job, spent most of one night, the week before the Trinity test, drilling holes in some faulty castings so as to reach the air cavities […]

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If you follow this site via an RSS feed, come on down and visit with your browser! The new 1945-theme design is here. Plus, I’m including some metadata with each of the posts (who where when/localtime and the source from which I got the goods) and those things don’t show up in the feeds that […]