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1945: What is this all about?

Note: I drafted this last night, before news of the London Underground bombings broke. . . . . . . I’m obsessed by the atomic bomb. (long time readers know that). Earlier this year, I discovered that the Trinity Test Site in New Mexico is going to be open for the 60th anniversary of the […]

1945: Hubbard predicts the radioactive cloud’s behavior

Hubbard predicts radioactive cloud will settle in valleys on either side. Also cloud will settle over South 10,000. He hopes to avoid radioactivity over Carrizozo, Socorro and other nearby towns. Note: There are three bunkers, each located 10,000 yards (5.7 miles or 9.1 km) from Zero: North 10,000 (or N-10,000) West 10,000 (W-10,000) South 10,000. […]

1945: Smoke at dawn shows which way the wind blows

Frank Oppenheimer (brother of J. Robert) and Mattingly light up the hundred smoke pots on Sierra Oscura mountain range. (They put ’em up there over the last week.) They want to see how the atmosphere behaves at dawn. Hubbard flies overhead in Beechcraft plane to observe. (All this is to predict the behavior of the […]

1945: Truman departs for Europe

The Cruiser SS Augusta leaves Newport News for Antwerp, Belgium, for Potsdam conference. President Truman is aboard, along with his entourage.