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1945: USA gets Britain’s approval to use atomic bomb against Japan

Meeting in Washington, D. C. of the Combined Policy Committee. British officially approves use of atomic bombs against Japan. (The Quebec Agreement between USA and Great Britian [August 19, 1943] mandates that both agree together before using a bomb against any 3rd nation.) Rhodes (p 355) sets this meeting on July 4, though these notes […]

Deep Impact briefing

Okay, finally someone posted a story about the 11 am briefing. Here’s the AP version About 12 hours after the barrel-sized Deep Impact space probe smashed into a comet half the size of Manhattan, scientists showed off dramatic, sci-fi-like images. Photos shot by the impactor probe as it awaited its suicidal collision revealed for the […]

1945: Original test date

July 4 is the originally-scheduled date for test of plutonium (implosion) bomb.

Deep Impact movie from Impactor spacecraft

QuickTime movie from perspective of the impactor spacecraft… the last image in movie is 3 seconds before impact. There was a schedule briefing that took place an hour ago (11am pacific). I didn’t follow it (hey, there are 4th of July parades to attend. School kids with bikes that have red-white-and-blue crepe paper woven in […]

Deep Impact Comet Bash, part 8 press conference

[coverage of Planetary Society’s Deep Impact Comet Bash: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 ] 1 am press conference for Deep Impact. in 40 minutes. showing videos here. But in the meantime, a break for now….. we’re told […]