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Russian Space Agency: Solar Sail Launch Failed

Damn. Solar Lunch Attempt Fails. Well, as they all say, space exploration is hard. Debris expected to be in Arctic Sea; Russian navy on a search for it. The rocket was to fire in three stages, failure in first stage means failure, period.

Solar Sail discussion at Planetary Society’s blog

There was a morning briefing, which is over now, and so blogging on the site resumes. The 11:45am post (titled “Information from the morning’s press briefing” —individual posts aren’t permalinked) has some observations about the relationship between the Americans at the Planetary Society and the Russian agency responsible for the launch vehicle. Remember, our launch […]

Solar Sail Signal Found

Solar Sail seems to be in a different —lower—orbit. Word came last night (Russian day) that the launch vehicle shut down in first stage firing 83 seconds after liftoff (I don’t yet know how long the burn was supposed to be). yesterday the launch appeared to happen roughly on time. The Navy reported first stage […]