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You know you’ve totally adjusted to Mac OS X when….

…you have to work in a Classic App and click the close box and then are shocked (shocked!) when you get a “Save changes” dialog box. (But! I looked at the close box and there was no need to save the file, right? Right?)

Interview: JD Lasica on Darknet

The blogging book tour stops here with (drumroll, please) an author interview!! JD Lasica, journalist/writer/ blogger at New Media Musings , has a new book out: Darknet : Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation (along with the Darknet blog). He’s co-founder of the recently-launched web site. Here’s an interview on his book we conducted […]

Looks like Felt Family is gonna get some money

‘Deep Throat’ Makes Film, Publishing Deals

Yucaipa quake

It starts slow.. in front of the keyboard. A shake that’s more of a sway than anything else. So slight as to make me wonder, “Did I bump the desk?” Then it grows. Slightly stronger. And I watch the monitor bobble on its stand. Pause for a moment, think, “how much stronger will it grow?” […]

Commencement: Regalia Fever

Recently, I mentioned coverage of Sandra Tsing Loh’s CalTech commencement speech. Today on KPCC, she describes how being commencement speaker gave her Regalia Fever (real audio). The outtro of her piece mentioned that her commencement speech transcript is at CalTech’s website. Vini Vidi Linki (I came, I saw, I linked). I can say that yes, […]

Amazon Patents E-Commerce

Seen at Flutterby! Amazon Gets Patent for what is essentially all E-Commerce. The irony? At the bottom of the USPTO page, is [Add to Cart] [View Cart].. the USPTO may be in violation.