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Washingtonienne book review

Frances Dinkelspiel at Ghost Word reviews the book by Jessica Cutler. Saying anything at all seems dubious, actually, since the only reason the book is interesting is that she got a $300,000 advance based on a sex blog that lasted for a mere few weeks.

On Web Browsers

Asa Dotzler: on opera and firefox You and I are nothing like the overwhelming majority of browser users. Nothing.

Crazy eBay mom

The combination of eBay and hoarding behavior make for disastrous results, as this Crazy eBay mom page shows. (image-heavy page is a mirror of a post on the Something Awful boards.)

Grease and Desist

What does a small theater company do when it attempt to put on a play, Grease, only makes it so that an all-girl’s high school is putting on the play—having women play the men’s parts*— and then the Samuel French company (who publishes and licenses plays) said, “Out of bounds, no go“? The Director writes […]