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How soon before the Switch parodies arrive

Well, it’s just a matter of time until there’s a Switch Ad parody with Steve Jobs against a white background talking about the powerPC chip and IBM and heat issues and no 3GB G5s, and so now they’ve gone to Intel. (When it is made, it will appear on Switchblog and show up in this […]

Dean on Deep Throat

When I posted on Deep Throat (Mark Felt) last week, I said I was interested in Dean’s take on it (mainly because he’s the one who got me into recent speculation. Unlike many journos and pundits, I didn’t take part in the ongoing Parlor Game: Who’s Deep Throat). Dean’s got an article up about it […]

Apple: Intel Inside

So the news is out. From PowerPC to the Intel chips. Given that PowerMacintosh computers are named for the PowerPC chip, what are they going to call the new computers: IntelliMacintosh? IntelliMacs? UPDATE: Detailed account of Keynote address/announcement