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LOL –> Lose Weight

LOL LOS LOSE W LOSE WEIG LOSE WEIGHT LOLOLOLOLOL!!! ABC News: A Good Laugh May Help Shed Extra Weight It may not be as good for reducing the waistline as going to the gym or resisting that ice-cream sundae, but American researchers have found that 10-15 minutes of genuine giggling can burn off the number […]

Opportunity Breaks Free

Stuck in the sand for five weeks, Opportunity Breaks Free. [via Hal Rager @ Blivet]. The image on JPL’s Home Page shows proof Steve Squyres describes it: Boy, this has been a good day. We’ve had a feeling over the past several days that this was coming. On each of the last few drives, the […]

Visualizing the audio profile of the greats

At, sound engineer Chris Johnson analyzes of the audio of the best-selling rock albums of all time. And he does it visually, using sonograms. Then displays (and discusses) sonograms of lots of great rock n roll albums, based on long-term huge sales. His conclusion: Recordings were mastered differently in the earlier days of rock […]