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Abused Amazon Images by Nat Gertler

What happens when you crack the code for URLs to images of Amazon products, and that code helps operate auto-image generators. A Gallery. Look Inside!

Beach House Bingo: Writing for Real Estate

Gayle Brandeis was one of the writers in that contest for the Manhattan Beach house. Entry fee: $195. Results: Rigged. Lawsuit ensued. Brandeis tells her story.

Hundreds of 1900s-1930s MP3s

A while back I linked to Dismuke, a site with recordings of 78 records from early 20th century. Now Boing Boing points to another: Turtle’s 78rpm Jukebox Hundreds of 1900s-1930s MP3s, for personal (not commercial) listening. Let’s do the Charlston, baby!


Two blogs cover the National Spelling Bee (that I’ve seen): A List Of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago [via Glenn Reynolds] (scroll down to June 1 and then read upwards) 3:11 pm: Hannah Rae Smith went down on “cancrizans”. Her first response upon hearing the word was to burst out laughing and say, “Whatever.” Another […]