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cleanup progress (slight)

Have attempted (but not yet succeeded) with the hotlinking redirects to supply a substitute image. Thanks to Tom Sherman for more help. I get a 500 error. It may be WordPress related, or something else. I’m no htaccess rewrite language expert. UPDATE: Actually, it all comes down to a hyphen. apache redirect syntax meets ignorance. […]

Ghost Word covers Book Expo from afar

Ghost Word is covering BEA, aka Book Expo of America, taking place this week in New Yawk.

more on bandwidth stealing

Uh oh. Further searching in the hit logs reveals more people stealing pictures. Surely there’s gotta be a way to automate this at the server. htaccess. If some other site requests an image, serve up the “Stolen from” image instead. I’ll hafta do a search for that later on. In the meantime, suggestions welcome! […]

43 Folders: Want to keep surfing? Pay the Webolodeon

Maybe this Webolodeon script thing is the thing that will make me give in to the Greasemonkey Side of the Web Force. a Greasemonkey script that bugs you every few minutes to ask whether you should really still be surfing the web

Thou shalt not steal bandwidth

(Welcome, visitors from, also known as the long lost lagomorph! By the way, what *is* a lagomorph?) [former title of this post: Tim Stannard: Thou shalt not steal bandwidth] UPDATE: Tim Stannard views his web page, comes here, and apologizes. Apology accepted. (He sounds chastened and promises to mend his ways. Good) Drinks all […]

Deep Throat as Woodward’s mentor

Now Bob Woodward can talk. And he does. He reveals something wholly new about his relationship with Deep Throat. As I think back on this accidental but crucial [first] encounter — one of the most important in my life — I see that my patter probably verged on the adolescent. Since he wasn’t saying much […]