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1945: Cast part of Uranium for bomb

During the last week of June, 1945, the Manhattan Project metallurgists cast one of the Uranium 235 pieces for the Little Boy bomb. (Two parts are needed. Each one is sub-critical. One will be “shot” into the other, causing criticality, and… the nuclear explosion.)

1945: Test date moved

The plutonium implosion bomb’s test date is moved back to July 16 (earliest) so as to allow more time for work with the implosion lenses (carefully crafted explosives focused inwards to create implosion). (The time for the test also needs to allow for the Potsdam conference, where President Truman will meet with Stalin and Churchill.)

1945: New weather forecast

60 years ago: Manhattan Project meterologist Jack Hubbard updates weather forecast calling for best times to conduct the Trinity test. First choice July 18,19,20,21. (Cool, stable air masses over Trinity predicted) Second choice: July 12, 13, 14.

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Why do we forget our childhood?

Why do we forget our childhood?. It’s the language (or lack thereof) baby. [via kottke] As my cousin said to her toddler son, “Use your words!” And how.

Bruised Ego-surfing

I hearby coin a new phrase in the blogosphere echo-chamber wonderful world of weblogs. Bruised Ego-Surfing: What happens when one tries to find out if there are any new links to one’s website when one goes to Technorati, but after searching for one’s own site, receiving the following message: ERROR: The requested URL could not […]