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Worldwide Digital Photo Exhibit opens this weekend

600 images / 60 artists / 6 curators / 6 cities Bangkok-Berlin-London-Los Angeles-Manila-Saigon May 28 — June 25, 2005 (Los Angeles; most other locations open June 4 or 6) Artist’s Reception: Saturday, May 28, 71–0 pm (from the postcard) A network of 6 curators in 6 cities explore the possibility of assembling entirely through the […]

Digital Preservation

Jeff Schewe on the preservation of Digital Photos. [via Dangerousmeta] The issues he raises are the same for the preservation of all digital media, including audio and video. Digital photography is incredibly fragile and subject to corruption or erasure. It must be stored in redundant media and in redundant locations to be assured that images […] | Spring 2005

1001 words is a site for interactive storytelling through multiple media. The Spring 2005 issue has six stories. I can recommend the first story—City Circus. Heck, when I watch the others, I’ll prolly recommend them, too. [via Interactive Narratives]

Left Channel’s Cuban Music Video

Nice 3D/2D stills-to-video animation technique leftchannel: rjd2.1976 (page with embedded 15 MB QuickTime movie) [via Interactive Narratives]