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Project Greenlight

What’s a TV-less person to do? She goes to her boyfriend’s house to watch shows that he’s TiVoed. The latest fave: Project Greenlight. I’m hooked. Earlier this week, we caught up on three (three!) episodes. Missed one crucial episode (Episode 6). Maybe Bravo’ll rebroadcast? On cultural impact of narrowcasting, or timeshifting and Water cooler discussion […]

NASA priority shift hits JPL; Opportunity update

Pasadena Star-News story: Several of Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s future missions, including its next Mars rover, might be delayed or cut to compensate for other NASA priorities, the agency administrator [Michael Griffin] said Thursday. In other JPL/Space related news… it’s been off my radar of late, but Opportunity’s been stuck in a sand dune for the […]

Why I love Photoshop, reason # 578302

Growing up with high-fidelity photographs, I was puzzled by pictures such as these old tin types. They’re dark; it’s hard to make out the details. Scanned tin-types, no color adjustment The people are cardboard cutouts. Not real. “These are your ancestors,” I was told. I come from grey, featureless people. These people don’t have anything […]