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Mary Karr: Related Offenses

A nice treat in the Sunday Book Review section of the LA Times: Related offenses Not long before my mother died, the tile guy redoing her kitchen pried from the wall a tile with an unlikely round hole in it. He …quipped, “Now Miss Karr, this looks like a bullet hole.” Lecia didn’t miss a […]

Deep Throat Unmasks Himself

Deep Throat is 91 years old and living in Santa Rosa, California. UPDATE: Washington Post: Woodward confirms that Mark Felt is Deep Throat. Mark Felt was #2 at the FBI at the time. My ears perked up to the Deep Throat story when I heard John Dean speak at the LA Times Festival of Books; […]

Rocketboom: Memorial Day Musical

Today’s Rocketboom features a Memorial Day Musical: “Is this the way to Amarillo”

NASA Chief visits JPL

Pasadena Star-News article. Hey, I didn’t know that Mike Griffin formerly worked at JPL. Griffin, once a JPL engineer, returned after many years to address JPL employees and tour the facility as part of his official round of NASA’s field centers. I heard he fielded a pointed question about Earth Science. NASA Watch points to […]

Habemus Rationality

Science & Theology News: Pope advocates conversation between scientists, Vatican. On the dialog between scientists and theologians: “We must seek the way in which one [side] discovers the rationality of the other and [must] develop a genuine dialogue.” Papa, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

Flickr Blog Story: Cooking Mole, a 2-day adventure

04-Mole, Day 1: Pulling Veins, part of a Photo Series documenting the entire two-day process Originally uploaded by auntialias. This set of step-by-step photos takes you through a cooking adventure earlier this year, making mole. (I got inspired to finally post these by a post over at Looka on mole (scroll down a bit). Thanks, […]