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Rainfall Watch

the local weather service says (link outdated very soon; this is already an old report, as of 5am yesterday morning) …closer to first place…but still the second wettest rainfall season in Los Angeles… Through 500 am PDT…Thursday April 28 2005…Exactly 1.00 inch of rain has fallen today in downtown Los Angeles at USC. This brings […]

Mouseposé — a bright idea

Boinx Software – Mouseposé Free software, handy for demos and follow-along-with-me tutorials. (Said with conviction, seeing as how I’ve been spending time in a computergraphic classroom lately). [via Traumwind] If turned on, Mouseposé dims the screen and puts a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer, easily guiding the audiences attention or to quickly […]

When it’s painful to be a landlord

Tenant trashes house. Blech. Buzzing with flies, the layer of rotting meat, used Pepsi bottles and old bologna packages stood about 4 feet high, wall to wall. Police who arrived at the house in the 12000 block of Emery Street couldn’t open the door

Pun *so* unintended

Just realized after the last post re: suspicious gadgets and terrorism, and my recent posts relating to the atomic bomb that, well, there’s an unintended pun. While working on the top secret Manhattan Project, the atomic bomb was referred to as the “gadget.” Ouch.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology…

…is indistinguishable from terrorism.” Okay, that’s a variation on the Arthur C. Clarke quote. But it applies to the story on the grounding of the United Airlines flight because of suspicious material. Seeing the story mentioned again, I was struck by what the iPod/laptop wires/medicine vials might’ve looked like to the alarmed people who reported […]

eRuv: A Street History in Semacode

eRuv: A Street History in Semacode A proposal for an intriguing public interactive media project. eRuv: A Street History in Semacode is a digital graffiti project installed along the route of the former 3rd Avenue elevated train line throughout Lower Manhattan. …eRuv is a site-specific work, with each location along the eruv corresponding to a […]