When the CIA is guarding something in your neighborhood

Garret Vreeland at Dangerousmeta reminisces about living near the supercomputer used for tactical decisionmaking in the Vietnam War. Go read it.

The guards soon would no longer tolerate any kids within sight of the complex. CIA eventually posted 24/7 guards with fully automatic weaponry at IDA, which sat in the middle of our residential neighborhood.

2 responses to “When the CIA is guarding something in your neighborhood”

  1. Ontario Emperor

    And all of the guards were probably trained to say that they worked for the Bureau of Public Roads.

  2. Comrade Tovarich

    Interesting perspective. Probably the CIA guys (if that’s what they actually were) were simply doing their jobs trying to keep out cranks; in the delirium of the times, DM here saw (and still sees) them as Brown Shirts.

    My father was a tenured engineering professor at a major Midwestern state university from ’70-’74 (he quit for a job in industry and never looked back). He was told to stay nights late at the campus computer center, which he didn’t mind as it meant he had all the access to computer processing that he wanted (back in the day when that precious resource was essentially rationed), because the university didn’t have money/will to hire guards to deal with the Yippies that kept making threats to blow the place up.

    Oh, those pacifist anti-war types: ever ready and willing to dish out threats to person and property.

    I expect the CIA guys had much more to fear from radicals like the Weathermen than dangerousmeta did from them.