Mac Software update news

Just been looking through a whole slew of Mac software upgrade announcements. Some in time for Tiger (10.4), others just because. Of interest…

  • Easy WMA: freeware (donateware) converts WMA Windows Media Audio to MP3. Notes say also it’ll convert audio to (uncompressed) WAV, will have to look deeper into it to see if that’s true.
  • New version of Audio Hijack Pro version 2.5 released April 28
  • TypeIt4Me X 2.2 released April 30
  • Print Window new version as of today (freeware). Didn’t know there was an old version. But I’ve long wanted this; Printing a Finder Window is one thing I miss from Classic/OS 9
  • Get your aggregation on: Pixellated Software: iNews 1.0. Of course, Net News Wire is due to have a major upgrade to 2.0 Very Soon Now.

Here’s a detail about Tiger that may get me upgrading sooner rather than later:

Smart Mailboxes are my favorite feature. It’s now very easy to have a single mailbox listing all of your unread messages or messages received today.

I liked Claris Emailer’s Mail Log, where all incoming mail was filed according to whatever rules I set up, but all incoming email from the most recent connection was displayed in a single window. The lack of that kind of behavior in Apple’s Mail has prevented me from setting up auto-filing for some mail. Until now. (or, um, until whatever time I acutally upgrade.)

2 responses to “Mac Software update news”

  1. Katrina

    I keep looking for SmartKeys to be upgraded for use with OS X. I write a lot (essays, fiction, plays, etc.), and I type 70+ wpm, and on OS 8.1, I had SmartKeys trained to catch and correct almost all my common errors (and change my double hyphens to em dashes, and triple hyphens to en dashes, and make my quotes curly in any software, etc.) so I could type happily away without having to constantly correct my errors.

    But I haven’t been able to find a similar program for OS X–and I miss it!

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    TypeIt4Me does the typo correction thing. Check it out. I came across it when book writing while dealing with what mighta been carpal tunnel syndrome. So nice to type two letters and have a whole phrase emerge, spelled correctly. I also use it for basic html code that I use for this blog, too.