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Earth from Above

Sheila Lennon at Subterranean Homepage News posts a link to Earth From Above, a collection of aerial photographs of earth, and a single page compilation of highlights from the collection. There’s no better tribute to Earth Day, Earth weekend, Earth itself, than to really see it. Ooh! this page has an image of Davis AFB […]

Translation of Acrobaflash Macrodobia Adomedia merger FAQ

Daring Fireball fisks the Adobe Macromedia acquisition FAQ, with plain-speech interpretations of the pretty Pee-are-eeze. [via kottke]

Pope commentary at One Pilgrim’s Walk

Just in case you want another site with some pope-commentary, go to Claude Muncey’s One Pilgrim’s Walk. I went to school with Claude’s wife, Marilee. (and, back in 78, at this evangelical christian college, there was a well-attended prayer meeting to ask for God’s wisdom, guidance, and will be done with the Roman and worldwide […]

Garrett’s Earth Day memories

Happy Earth Day. A reminiscence of an old gig, old technology, former politics I torture you with all this reminiscence, [ed note: Dude, it wasn’t torture. Twas a pleasure. more, more!] just to say: Do something for the Earth today. Choose paper, not plastic. Recycle something. Don’t eat fast food, enjoy slow food. Take a […]