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More on Macrodobe or Adobemedia

Some commentary from around the web… and so far from what I can tell, past-and-future Macromedia personnel has the edge in immediately getting their perspective out. Are there any blogs written by staffers at Adobe? Marc Canter, one of founders of Macromind which became Macromedia, offers his thoughts (and critique). He wants the Macromedia name […]

The Pope Blog: Conclave Edition

The Pope Blog: Conclave Edition which includes a link to the CNN live smokecam (requires realplayer). Then, too, there’s Bruce Schneier’s hacking the papal election, wherein a security expert wonders how the papal electoral process works, and how hard would it be to hack the vote? And a third and final lesson: when an election […]

Apollo 13, we have a solution

For the 35th anniversary of the Apollo 13 flight, Stephen Cass analyzes the training and preparation that went into Houston’s saving the crew. (Article’s in the IEEE Spectrum Online). But what was going on behind the doors of the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston—now Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center—wasn’t a trick, or even a case […]

Adobe to acquire Macromedia

the Adobe announcement. Macromedia bought for 3.4 billion in stock. The news came as I went to a computer graphics class at Pasadena City College. The teacher and lab administrator were bummed… from the education side of things, Macromedia is a much better company to work with than Adobe. Will Macromedia give Adobe a boost […]

Taxes remembered, and other bookish tales

Late night blathery nearly stream-of-consciousness prose. If you came here looking for something worthwhile, a link, or something, then Go away right now. Cause all you’ll get here is maudlin self-pity-about-taxes-after-the-fact. If you’re up for a bit of schadenfreude (at my expense. um… deductible?), keep reading. Or perhaps you’ll find relief that there are, thank […]