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Not the 2nd wettest year

Yesterday, LA Observed ran a rejected LA Times op-ed piece: Not the 2nd wettest year. The Ralph Shaffer op-ed notes the existence of the wettest year, 1861-1862. That rain-year isn’t in the reckoning for the wettest year ever-lists being bandied about in the news (and on this site), because the “official list” began fifteen years […]

Chuck Carter, where are you? Myst island birthday cake

Ned Batchelder: Myst island birthday cake Saw this on boingBoing. Loved it. Myst is the only computer game I got into (have but haven’t played the sequel). What’s this about Chuck Carter? Chuck’s a friend; he worked on Myst. I wanted to send word to him about it, but the email addy I have doesn’t […]

Watson, come here, I need you

I’m playing with how WP 1.5 works with podcasts, as a test for This Wordpress wiki on Podcasting. Note: For those of you who subscribe to my feed, this is not a sign of things to come. It’s a test before helping someone else create a podcasting site. This is the file: podcast test [96k] […]