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Second Wettest Rainy Season in L.A.

The Nat’l Weather Service Public Info statment for today as of 3:09pm says we’re here in #2 rainy season. National Weather Service – NWS Los Angeles/Oxnard (link will get outdated very soon) PUBLIC INFORMATION STATEMENT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE LOS ANGELES/OXNARD CA 309 PM PST TUE MAR 22 2005 …THIS IS NOW THE SECOND WETTEST RAIN […]

bitter pill: phun with fotonotes

Marking up Photos with explanations. Bitter pill has a post: phun with fotonotes.

Obituary: Hans Bethe

The Economist’s Obituary of Hans Bethe. [via dangerousmeta] Sheds a little sunshine on his career and Greek alphabet humor, if you go in for that kinda thing (I do). HOW does the sun shine? It is perhaps one of the first questions a curious child asks about the world, and one that has impelled many […]

Roland Tanglao on Flickr purchase

Lotsa thoughts on Flickr by Roland Tanglao. Including more features I hadn’t been aware of (email from iPhoto to Flickr—which’ll come in handy for the Family Photo Sharing thang). Speaking of which, I’m enjoying the text on Flickr. I’ve invited family members to join. Two have. But haven’t yet uploaded fotos, just joined to see […]

Is it art? a library? or an electrical generator?

via Rebecca’s Pocket comes this photo and description of an electricity generator atop a shopping mall in Nagoya, Japan.

The Trouble With Blood

Julie Powell of the Julie/Julia project, got into ancient cooking styles for Archaeology magazine. The abstract (and photos from the dinner party of Mayan, Mesopotamian and Mongolian cookery) is online: The Trouble With Blood