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Colorization Using Optimization

A friend just IMed me this link: Colorization Using Optimization. A link to a page where three computer scientists present a paper (and results) of an algorithm they developed to colorize photographs and moving images. Black and White photographs. A few color scribbles, apply the algorithm and then—voila! a fully colorized image. Amazing. Our method […]

More Our Media launch and Internet History resources

An interview with JD Lasica. How it was developed, how it will/might be funded, how it will be kept above a free-for-all spamfray. Good. Some answers to questions I was asked earlier today (esp re: the spamfray) when I told someone, Hey! It launcheed! Check it out! And.. on a related note about internet resources, […]

OurMedia launches

Congrats to JD Lasica, Marc Canter and others who put together OurMedia, the digital repository for all kindsa media on the web. Go check it out.

Flickr, Yahoo and late-early adopter

I’ve seen plenty of the Flickr photos before. Including many wonderful ones by Garret at Dangerousmeta. But hadn’t signed up. Till now. After the good Yahoo/Flicker news. I guess that makes me a late early adopter. A late adopter among the early ones, but an early one among the second wave. Whatever. Kudos to the […]