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JPL Open House: May 14, 15

JPL Public Open House: Save the date! The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is pleased to announce that the next Open House will take place on May 14th and 15th, 2005.

JPL Oceanographer Bill Patzert on the weather

According to Bill Patzert, we’re getting Seattle’s weather. I’d call this situation neither an El Niño nor La Niña. It’s la nada. With the most recent storm (and more to come), LA is now approaching the Second-wettest year on record. 1883-1884: 38.18 inches 1889-1890: 34.84 inches 2004-2005: 34.78 inches (so far)

Yet another reason to hate SUVs

The first one being that if it’s nighttime, and an SUV is following a small car, like, say, a Miata, there’s no such thing as low beams for the SUV. But while gas prices continue to creep up, here’s another reason to hate SUVs, according to this LA Daily News story about the climb north […]

Julie Leung: The Google stage of grief

Julie Leung: Seedlings & Sprouts: The Google stage of grief With a quote from Laura at 11D: After denial and before resignation, comes the google stage.