Sound vacations

A Soundscape Project by l’appareil and guests. Pick a point on the map. click the link. A page opens, you see an “out the window” snapshot and hear an audio sample.

From the site description:

Some artists, all over the globe were asked to share their personal window. They made a few minutes field recording from their everyday soundscape. At one geographic point, at one moment, they catched the sound environment from their window and made a picture of it. The main idea is close to one of movement, ubiquity, immobile tourism.

I’m amazed how much awe and delight I feel when listening to the sounds of traffic on the street in a faraway place. My own local ambient streetnoise doesn’t do a damn thing for me.

One response to “Sound vacations”

  1. Jon Byrd

    Well, how interesting?! In an instant I realize That Godmakes the sun shine and the rain fall in places all over the world even when those are places beyaond my awareness. Hmm.

    Jon Byrd