Moore’s Law in Action

1 GB USB Thumb drive. $79.95 ($20 off) @ your friendly neighborhood Radio Shack— the SanDisk Cruzer Mini. Comes bundled with a bunch of Windows utility software Backup/restore/synchronize. useless for me, but not for some. the 512MB one is $50.

Aaah, 1GB in a teeny drive. Makes me remember fondly how cool the first Iomega JAZ drives were (One GB! Can you believe that?), and the first 1GB hard disk. Hell, it takes me back to my first 100MB disk (The price then: $485 back in 1991).

UPDATE: Hrm…. I’m getting a lot of Type -50 errors while copying (or, in the case of the files in question, not copying). On the fone with Sandisk tech support. ….developing…..

UPDATE the 2nd: Tech support comes through. Wait time is not instant, but not unreasonable. Better’n that, he knows his stuff. Error -50 is a Parameter Error (like that’s any help). Upshot is that the Drive formatting doesn’t like one or more characters in the file name, and kicks it back. “Are you going to use this drive in any PC?” “Naaah, not really.” “Then you can reformat the drive for MacOS.” The drive emerges from its blisterpak formatted in Fat 16-bit (MS-DOS).
Solution: Use the Disk Utility (in Applications:Utilities folder on Mac) to Erase (that’s reformat) the drive as a MacOS drive. Done. Solved. Copied. Completed. Happy. (and if I do want to reformat it for use in a PC/Windows, I can use the same Disk Utility app to reformat it to MS-DOS)

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  1. Donald Larson

    Susan said,

    “Hell, it takes me back to my first 100MB disk (The price then: $485 back in 1991).”

    I rememebr a 5 MB Profile serial drive for the Apple III priced at $2,995 back in 1981. At the time that seemed a reasonable price for that amount of storage and speed.


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