Site housekeeping

Discussion is back, Trackbacks are on. Well, we’ll see how it goes. I’ve turned trackbacking back on again. (got a load of trackback spam while away from net for the last coupla days. And this with WP 1.5 Sigh. Discussion is back, now that I copied over the “default” discuss template to replace the one I had.

Am still working on upgrading other WP sites to 1.5. Two down, two to go. Have begun documenting things in the new WordPress wiki. It works well when I find out something and put the essential guts of it there and someone else cleans up and makes the formatting match all the other formatting. Cleaner-upper doesn’t have to generate documentation from scratch, I don’t have to make it all work expertly (in wiki formatting) from the get-go. A nice way to build a body of knowledge.

On a slightly different housekeeping note, I got a query about the domain name Someone interested in buying it, was I interested in selling? Five years of blogging to build a “personal brand” —not that this site has resulted in money or anything, and all I could envision were headaches w/ url changes, etc. Nope, no thanks. Though it made me curious. Why’d anyone else want this domain name?

One response to “Site housekeeping”

  1. Donald Larson


    I was contacted a while back asking to sell one of my domain names. I told them I wasn’t interested in selling at this time.

    I’m not sure how to calculate the value if I did sell. I’ve got quite a following at that domain. Many of its pages rank right at the top of Google. The site has a history and therefore a value beyond the name itself.

    Some companies pay to have Google ads right at the top of listings. I’d say the higher a domain names rank, the higher the value. For a site that could contain very different content under the same kinds of directories as my domain, it’s a ready-made resource for someone else.

    Is $10,000 a good price? $50,000? I don’t know, right now my domain is priceless to me, so it’s not for sale.