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Is Gracenet active in L.A.?

A new blog by Sylvia Paull mentions Gracenet. Which describes itself thus: To promote the contribution of women in technology and to leverage women’s intellectual and creative capital for the betterment of society. GraceNet is the New Girl’s Network bringing inspiration, support and funding to women in high technology. Presumably there’s an L.A.-based group. But […]

First call 911. Then file Chapter 11

At rebecca’s pocket: A new study shows that about half of all U.S. bankruptcies are caused by medical bills –most of them middle-class workers with health insurance. This news tidbit coincides with news (again) that my medical insurance premiums just got an increase. Sigh. yeah, yeah, so what else is new?

Joho the Blog: Symbiotic thought

Joho the Blog: Symbiotic thought. Meant to post this earlier. I like the idea of a software app that can crawl through writing and snippets and offer up new bits of meaningful information. Steve Johnson, one of my favorite writers, has a piece in the NYTimes about software that collaborates in the thinking process. He […]