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Uncle Nino

Uncle Nino, the movie: “Without love, life itself is meaningless.” This is a movie about a family that learns to love each other again after their lives are invaded by a crazy uncle from the Old Country. Uncle Nino was the longest-running movie in the U.S in 2004. So why haven’t you heard of it? […]

DivX Video codec

DivX Video: Download DivX Software and the DivX Player. Available for MacOS. So now I can view *some* .avi movie files. Just discovered another codec that does not talk to MacOS at all— TSCC (TechSmith Screen Capture Codec). That one is Windows only.

You know you’re feeling old when…

You get an alumni bulletin email from your (small) college, announcing the retirement of someone who’s been there for 20 years. “Hmm,” you think, “did I know this person?” And then you calculate that 20 years ago was after your time there.

“Goodbye, Everyone”

Kark Haas, host of “Adventures in Good Music” has died. What an excellent show that was. Is. It’s been in re-runs. Like Garret, I hope they continue.