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Google Maps. Now in beta. Very cool. Instant hit.

Google Maps Check it out. Nice. Draggable maps. Pretty shadows with the signs of the mapped items. But they aren’t yet aware of Sweet Garlic, a new restaurant in downtown Monrovia, which has a duck curry that is un-belieeeeeeeeeevable. And it’s a bit confused as to the location of Jet Propulsion Laboratory

In Passing…

In Passing… a blog of stuff heard, well, in passing. [via the Independent via John Robb]

Small moves, very small moves

Mark Taw posts about Next Actions in the GTD scheme of things. By figuring out what you cna do next ahead of time, you can “Just do it” wihtout much thought. Focusing on the next very small action without giving it much thought. I’m starting to do this, rather than think in terms of “work […]