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Saturnine humor

This is a followup from the post I made about the Titan-landing-Eve tailgate party thrown by the Planetary Society. One of the speakers was Dr. Linda Spilker, Cassini Deputy Project Scientist/Principal Research Scientist. She gave a recap of the Cassini mission thus far, and showed a couple of images making the rounds among Cassini team […]

Incredulity and Gratitude

Both words have that “ooh!” sound, beginning or ending with a D, a sorta “Dude!” sound, or coppin’ a ‘tude, or (not that I speak from any experience) droppin a ‘lude. But it’s how I felt after visiting after seeing a link from Doc Searls. A picture of Leonardo. A list of blogs. I […]

Zoom into Deep Space

Here’s a cool QuickTime movie, a quasi visual warp speed over at HubbleSite: Zoom into Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys Ultra Deep Field. Even the low res is kinda high res (~21 MB). “My God, it’s full of stars.” Nope, Dave, it’s full of galaxies.

If you’re into DVD-style backups this weekend…

….and you need a good cheap inexpensive supply of DVDs, CompUSA has a special on: Memorex 25 pack for $7.99. There’s some 4 day sale going on. Don’t know when it began, don’t know when it ends, but I have 25 blanks for eight bucks. (117.5 GB total, in case you were wondering). The CompUSA […]

White House Cuts Hubble Servicing Mission from 2006 Budget Request

White House Cuts Hubble Servicing Mission from 2006 Budget Request. [via Slashdot via Asa Dotzler ] Damn. Damn, damn, damn!

Mac housekeeping, burning CDs, and Error 6 code

I’m burning CDs to archive some old jobs. Using Finder’s Burn CD to do so. Things go along swimmingly until an error 6 pops up. To Google I go, and find this discussion thread about Error 6. Someone mentions that it’s an OS 9 Thang, (this list of Apple Error codes would substantiate that). Later… […]