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about those evil spammers

There’s discussion going around on the signficiance of rel=”nofollow” in order to deprive evil spammers of comment spam attention via Google. Then there was stuff about referer spam. Which I’ve been noticing. Some intriguing discussion about it (has the perp been found?), plus a a WP code snippet to nip it all away But the […]

Grrl: Half a life in the same house

Grrl writes about living in the same house for half her life. And goes a mite bit crazy over some things that’ve been in her house all this time.

Jason Levine and the Manila Migration Tool

You are reading this site in this WordPress form partly due to Jason Levine of Q Daily News. He wrote a script to export a Manila site to MovableType format, and has announced that the script is now available. Last June, after burning up the better part of the month in what amounted to a […]