Open Source Titan Image Processing

Anthony Likens has been collecting open-source Titan image processing of the images taken by Huygens Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer. He posted a comment here the other day pointing to the page, but in the time since I first checked it, it’s grown to a fabulous wealth of images, contributed by people all over. I saw a reference to it at Nasawatch, (which says, “Why wait for ESA to get around to this – and have all the fun?”) and the site’s been slashdotted (and survived!).

Here are a couple of the best examples, shown here at half-size:

Ricardo Nunes sent in a big mosaic (partly based on the images below) of the area where Huygens has landed. I googled Ricardo’s name and found a person of the same name who’s doing some AMAZING astro photography of our solar system. Check out the site.

big mosaic of Titan's surface

Daniel Crotty also created a big mosaic, and he’s working toward connecting these two mosaics. (the link leads to his page of Titan images)

Shoreline Medres tile of Titan's surface

Original images credit: ESA/NASA/Univ. of Arizona