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Huygens descent animation

Civil_Disobedient posted an announcement on MetaFilter about a Flash movie of the probe’s descent, made from the image trios posted to the Descent Imager Spectral Radiometer site. It’s not perfect (you’ll have to wait for JPL/ESA to get it right) but for now it gives a pretty good sense of the fall. The image is […]

Titan frenzy (housekeeping)

Thanks to those who’ve commented or linked to this site today. I’ve more or less committed myself to a full day’s frenzy of posts, and will (I hope) resume a normal life (whatever that is) tomorrow. A coupla housekeeping details: Probably the best permalink to use for news of Saturn/Cassini/Huygens/Titan is the link for today’s […]

to relations and friends in Tucson, AZ

I just looked at the home page of the University of Arizona web site, for news about the imaging instrument that brought us those pictures, and saw a notice for a free open house/lecture there tomorrow evening. This is an email I sent to all my Tucson buddies: My relations and friends in Tucson, There’s […]

DISR duo: Realizing a 17-year dream

Arizona Republic: For 2 UA profs, the realization of a dream is at hand. They live and work in my father’s hometown, and one originally hails from my (current) hometown. A nice backgrounder on Marty Tomasko and Lyn Doose, the two men behind DISR, or Descent Imager Spectral Radiometer. DISR is the instrument on Huygens […]

JPL Commentary on Huygens 2:30 PST

Commentary from JPL over NASA-TV, hosted by Gaye Yee Hill Recap: 7 year journey, ESA Huygens probe successfully descended through atmosphere of Titan and safely landed on surface. Sent data back, was received at 8:19am pacific. First time of landing a probe on another moon. It’s both a science success and engineering success. We’ll be […]

2pm ESA briefing on Huygens Titan

ESA-TV… The ESA spokesperson comes on again. he never introduces himself. Focus is on imagery. With help of Martin Tomasko. Highlights: recap some interviews from earlier in the day w/ key folks. Sound bites. It’s nighttime in Europe… (no, not going to give these quotes) 1st visualization received and processed by Marty Tomasko. Look at […]