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Small Gene Tweak Confers HIV Immunity

This looks like a good HIV-related science finding: Small Gene Tweak Confers HIV Immunity In humans, the researchers report, a single amino acid substitution (R332P) in the gene Trim5alpha can confer the ability to restrict HIV-1. Just this single change to the human gene should enable it to interfere with the replication process of the […]

What will Huygens see on the way down?

What do these octagons mean? That those people at European Space Agency have a sense of color style? That outside the 8-sided red “Stop sign” there are greater octagons of different colors that tell you to go faster? A kinda octagon equivalent of that Flatlander story, where the higher dimensional sphere visits the flatlander world […]

Blue! and sunshine!

blueblueblueblueblueblue! This is good.