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Best comeback for the Angels renaming

comes from Ken Reich If the Anaheim Angels can legally be renamed the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, The Los Angeles Times can be renamed The Los Angeles Times of Chicago. [via L.A. Observed]

(belated) Holiday Spirit, Mars Anaglyph style

I need to get my red-blue glasses back from Doc M so I can fully appreciate this Martian holiday greeting. Well, tho holidays have passed, it’ll work as well for Spirit on Mars +1 earthyear. Watched the Welcome To Mars Nova program last night (HiDef! yes!). Twas good. At the point they showed the Fault […]

Setting Goals

Continuing the New Year’s theme of what to do, here’s Michael Hyatt on setting goals: the 90-day challenge. I also see that he’s got a great post on selling proposals to your boss (or, as Susan Mernit says, clients). State the goal. Write it down, say it right out loud, and don’t do too many […]