Productivity hacks: the friendly, qualified YES

I’ve been looking closer at those GTD articles written by Merlin Mann at 43 Folders.

Learn the friendly, qualified YES. This is for the informal, “Will you help me with my web site? Will you design my blah blah?” that happens among friends.

I have to credit GTD for the middle ground position that’s brought me back around. Now, I more often can say “yes� because I want to be involved, but I also provide a clear understanding of how much time and attention I can afford to devote (as well as, frankly, how many interruptions I can handle). So, what used to be “Sure, I’ll do your web site� is now more often “Sure, I’ll give you 10 hours and 3 calls over the next month to use however you want.� If nothing else, it helps everyone understand that time is a precious commodity, but it also gets me out of being the de facto manager for every aspect of a project I touch. So far, it seems to be working swell. [emphasis mine]

Bing! Great tip. Beautiful tip. Glorious tip.

Mark TAW’s own notes about GTD his own productivity hacks.
He separates work at work and work at home. That’s a sticky one for me, working at home as I do.