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Camera mail

A disposable camera was sent via USPS (Snail mail) from one place to another. With a note asking the postal workers to please take pictures. [via kottke]

the latest scourge: Trackback spam

Photomatt on trackback spam. (It’s awful, what they’re putting in there!) [via Burningbird] Now, to find a way to close all trackbacks for the site. This post in WP support forums leads to a mySQL command to change status of database Update wp_posts set `ping_status` = ‘closed’ where `post_date` < '2005-01-01'; Done quite easily! I […]

Tsunami relief stories

This story of generous response (Vietnamese Buddhist congregation sells their temple! Remembering generosity of neighbor nations when they were boat people) is worth a read. Indonesia’s friction with US forgotten in race to help. The Diplomad, blog of a (or some) diplomats serving in the Far Abroad, with news of what’s happening from US and […]

A small MacOS X App I’d like to have

I use an old (Classic) version of TimeCache (by Pandaware), an app for tracking billable hours. I haven’t upgraded to the MacOS X version because I want an app with other features: Time tracking: Click start to run the clock, stop to stop it. Assign clients, category of work, billing rate. This is what TimeCache […]

Productivity hacks: the friendly, qualified YES

I’ve been looking closer at those GTD articles written by Merlin Mann at 43 Folders. Learn the friendly, qualified YES. This is for the informal, “Will you help me with my web site? Will you design my blah blah?” that happens among friends. I have to credit GTD for the middle ground position that’s brought […]