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On Food and Cooking

Al Hawkins blogs his kitchen upgrade. First with a quiz: guess his value-conscious pan purchase (I guessed correctly: cast iron pans), then with an elegy to Lodge cast iron. Someone in his comments asks whether iron pans are good for the trace elements (yes, trace bits of iron from the pan!). Which reminds me of […]

A productive New Year

My new year’s resolution (technorati-tracked!) is to fully, truly implement Getting Things Done, especially the Weekly Review (the kinda thing that makes it all work on an ongoing basis). If I end up doing that, then all the other little resolutions and things I want to do will get taken care of. To that end, […]

The Mission that Mapped the World

JPL’s site has a flash geo quiz based on The mission that mapped the world, or SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission).

LACMA blocking art blogs

Went to LACMA Sunday (while kitchen power was still out) to see the Duncan Phillips show, drawings and Flick’s photos. All very good. Thanks to LA Observed, I notice that LACMA is blocking access to web sites, including art blogs such as (I structured the links in this post to help increase the googlejuice […]

Waffle Irons: a key to happiness and contentment

New Year’s Day, 2005. Family gathering at Doc M’s house (larger than mine, built in 1938). After picking up brother and his kids from Rose Parade, we made waffles for brunch. Two waffle irons (his n hers, plugged into same outlet! for shame! a new new year’s resolution, NEVER to do that again) run on […]