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New NOVA program on Mars Rover mission airs tomorrow

“Welcome to Mars” to air Tuesday on PBS. Here’s the PBS schedule for the show. But basically it’s at Tuesday, 4 January, at 8pm. Woo hoo! And in HighDef, too! Both this and the Mars: Dead or Alive (shown last year) show were produced by Mark Davis. He writes about what it was like to […]

Frequent Flyer miles tsunami donations

Cool. Very cool…. I have not been in a position to donate to the tsunami relief efforts. So I’m very glad to read that holders of frequent flyer miles can donate them to charitable efforts. That is something I can do. [via Gary Leff via Glenn Reynolds]

Mars stories never told

I’m going to blog one of the presentations from JPL: Mars Stories Never Told. Will be transcribing off of the RealPlayer feed of NASA TV. Rough transcription, not literal. This post will be continuously updated as I go, if all goes well with the broadcast over the ‘Net. Firouz Naderi: Welcome to first anniversary of […]

One year on Mars

One year ago today: Spirit landed on Mars. [What I blogged a year ago] JPL has three special presentations on NASA TV (accessible via Real Player). 10 a.m. — “Twelve Wheels on Mars” with storyteller Syd Lieberman 11 a.m. — “One Year on Mars” news briefing 12 p.m. — “Mars Stories We’ve Never Told” with […]