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Adieu, Jim Capaldi

I learned that former Traffic drummer Jim Capaldi died from stomach cancer. [via Adam Curry] I’ll have to get out some disks, vinyl and digital, and give a listen again. I got my appreciation for Traffic from my oldest brother (the recently mentioned one, the one listening to lots of Cinderella and Mary Poppins songs […]

Iraqi election coverage

Jeff Jarvis has a roundup of all the blogsources to look to for news of the Iraqi elections tomorrow (or, for those of us in the Pacific time zone, beginning tonight). it’s an impressive list. In addition to bloggers in and from Iraq, there is a post from Mark Cuban: Transmitting on HD TV all […]

A younger sister’s revenge. In two scenes

Scene 1. Early-to-mid 1960’s. There is a special TV program tonight. Cinderella. I am excited, I want to watch. Oldest brother talks of changing the channel. Mom, Mom, he won’t do that, will he? We’ll still watch it, won’t we? Yes. We watch. But when Cinderella sings, or the Fairy Godmother sings, “Impossible! For a […]

It’s not a freelance gig, it’s a calling

Copyediting the Great American Novel, as mentioned and discussed at Making Light. Good stuff there on that site. I’ll hafta go back there. Often.


I heard anecdotal evidence of this a while back, and this fidgeting study confirms it. I will never feel guilty ever again for wiggling my toes, my hands or my nose. (My home office situation has a built-in advantage: the path to the fridge and coffeepot involves a trek down and up a flight of […]

Making Light: Virtual panel participation

A great post and discussion thread about moderation and online community over on Making Light. [via boingBoing]