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Izzat you, Santy Worm?

(with apologies to the late Louis “satchmo” Armstrong) This site was defaced earlier by the Santy worm. The web server on which this site runs is using a slightly older version of php (4.3.8, should be 4.3.10 according to this article). Also, the worm strikes at phpBB. Which is offered as part of hosting service, […]

bizy backson

Lotsa stuff happening elsewhere. Not much to post. Well, yes, there are movies of Altadena’s Christmas Tree Lane tree lighting. I await a visitation from The Great Round Tuit. I am an elf, in my own workshop, preparing Christmas presents. Oh the joys of mindless photoshop retouching. One can zen out in Stamp-tool bliss. One […]

Julie Leung on the ashes of her brother

What Julie did yesterday. I know that my brother left his body years ago. In that sense, his ashes were not significant. Yet the ashes represented someone I loved. They were what remained of Jim. They had belonged to my brother. They were Jim’s atoms, for the time he used them.

Four years ago today

…or was that one hundred and four years ago today? Four years ago, we were celebrating my grandfather’s 100th birthday. UPDATE: Here’s what I read at his hundredth birthday party: Inheriting Physics (I looked at it again recently and thought, “Hey, a few years later, I still like it. In fact, I might even like […]

Typist/transcription note to self

Notes on 21st century typists, as linked from boingBoing.

Great moments on autopilot

While opening can of soup over sink, Tunafish Autopilot kicks in. Only after some of soup broth has dribbled out does brain kick back into manual mode.