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Comment Spam: Crossed Fingers

I saw from Lisa Williams that there’s a WordPress plugin —Spam Karma— that takes care of all the comment spam automatically. Intelligently. Without the muss and fuss. Sends you an email after a specified number have been caught, telling you what it’s done. At the time I saw Lisa’s post, those razzum frazzum spammers had […]

Parents Go on Strike, Move to Front Yard

Whaddaya do when your teenage kids won’t do their chores—I mean really won’t do their chores? Go on strike

Sad day at JPL… commuter van crashes

AP via Pasadena Star News, and, from the Star News home page a link to a photo gallery of the mountain rescue taken by Pasadena Star News staff photographers (can’t permalink it, alas) LA Times (reg required) Commuter Van Over the Side in Angeles Forest A commuter van carrying employees from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory […]

How do I create a password-protected RSS feed?

I’d like to be able to create private, password-protected RSS feeds for a private weblog. This page with test feeds would probably tell me what I need to know if I were smart enough to understand what’s going on. But I think I need input from someone who’s geekier than I. (For the ones that […]