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A Board of Directors for the self-employed or solo project-starters

Are you self employed? Starting (or working on) a project in your off hours? In a situation where you could use some structure between NOW and THEN (now being this very minute and then being some future moment: Launch, Payoff, The Deal, or whatever form of the Realization of the Goal)? As Enoch Choi noted, […]

Productivity notes: Clarity is key

How to get more done in less time, and Do it Now by Steve Pavlina. Found via the 43 folders thread. [one of these days I’m gonna figure out how works.]. A lovely thing to review in the “now then, what was I doing?” fog-clearing following a bad (bad!) intestinal upset. A good […]

The Long Tail

The Doc Searls on the Long Tail, a phenom/meme that’s been making its way ’round the net. He covers it on many points. Whereas most attention seems to be focused on something like the A-list, Top Ten (out of 100 or out of 1000), the large remainder has lotsa value to it, too. Amazon and […]

What’s worn underneath the kilt?

Nothing. It’s all in good working order. Snopes is looking into a possible urban legend: The Queen Elizabeth sits next to a man in a kilt—who’s definitely regimental.

Browser Stats for November

It’s December now. Yikes. November saw the launch of Firefox 1, and I’ve been keeping watch on browser trends since June or so. The W3 schools’ Browser trends page is pretty interesting. Browser Statistics Mozilla gained almost 2 percentage points (to 19.3%) this month (firefox 1.0 anyone?) and IE 6 continues its decline. (68.5%). IE […]