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JPL Rose Parade float construction

The JPL (and other) parade floats are in progress. Being decorated. So late Wednesday afternoon, Doc M and I reported for float decoration duty at a big building near the Rose Bowl for an evening of applying flowers to the float. Things I learned: “Mum” is a verb. Meaning “To apply mums to a surface.” […]

JPL float in Rose Parade will have a webcam

After living in the greater Pasadena area for over 20 years, I’m going to do a new thing today: help decorate a parade float. The JPL parade float. Will take camera. The JPL parade float will have a webcam at the top, New Year’s Day. So you can see the Rose Parade from the top […]

Numbers and waves

I haven’t much to say about the S.E. Asia earthquake and tsunami, except that the numbers of dead is absolutely boggling. I’ll just pass on the sites I’m visting to get word on the latest. Tsunami Updates Tsunami Help Worldchanging ChiensSansFrontiers (SMS messages from SriLanka &more) Above links via boingBoing and Buzzmachine Followed this link […]

Merry Boxing Day

I didn’t get the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas on Christmas day, so here’s to a happy boxing day.

dawn planets

I had the opportunity, in the wee hours, to see the beginnings of the big planet lineup to the east. Saw Mars, Jupiter, Saturn. Wasn’t up late enough (or early enough) to see Venus and Mercury rise. They’re all in line with one another. describes what to see in the early morning sky and […]

skunkworks and the Graphing Calculator

How the Graphing Calculator got into the PowerPC. Wonderful skunkworks story. [via AnilDash]