Fear of Flying (and traffic jams)

Geez. Between headline news about pat-down searches state-sponsored groping, the news that smiling for passport pictures is verboten, and RFID chips that will beam your passport info up to 30 feet away, I’ll stick to driving. [via Q Daily News]

(The searches news makes me paranoid. Maybe I should wear a tin-foil hat. No, I know! I’ll wear a tin-foil bra. Hm. I suppose tin-foil on my boobs would probably give those uniformed wand-wielding gropers the wrong idea.)

So it’s A Good Thing that there’s talk of adaptive cruise-control (using radar!) that’ll cut down on traffic jams because it has a faster reaction time than human drivers. [via boingBoing] An earlier (July) story about the physics behind traffic jam research discusses wave theory and traffic. Timely. Doc M mentioned shock wave waves as part of traffic jam behavior during our drive to Las Vegas.