¡Como Comí!

That’s spanish for “Oh, I ate so much!” …the phrase mi cuñada (sister in law) uses for times such as these. Big gathering with everyone, my brother (the foodie) cooking, and Doc M and I tried out a new pumpkin pie recipe thanks to Cook’s Illustrated. It was a success.

Hope your thanksgiving was as filling and fulfilling as this one was.

3 responses to “¡Como Comí!”

  1. /pd

    I take you feeds and get a chuckle out your postingsnow and them.
    Ok ok.. I now see that you were the one for wordpress..I f I recollect I read a darn good article on zdnet.com on that.. w/all your hacck’in on wordpress I wante dto pass that bit of info onto you…

    btw..have you every tried commenting on your own pposting.. I can’t describe how tough it is !!

  2. Susan Kitchens

    Yes, that wacked out background is an artifact of the redesign. Now I gotta go find the template for that and fix it. Thanks for the comment, for subscribing and for coming by and commenting despite the temporary setback. Will fix soon.

  3. Susan Kitchens

    testing. did it work? (the fixing of the artifact) yes, as a matter of fact, it did.