Punk Shui

A contrarian’s view of Feng Shui: Punk Shui. Found thanks to Publisher’s Lunch, which wrote the following about the book that Punk Shui-er just sold (or is that Punker Shui?):

Josh Amatore’s PUNK SHUI, a manifesto/how-to manual based on his website, which explains the benefits of creating chaos in your home, so in contrast you’ll be better prepared for the inevitable disappointments of life outside it, to Luke Dempsey for Three Rivers Press, in a nice deal, for publication in spring 2006, by Erin Hosier at The Gernert Company (NA).

The description cracked me up, so I checked out the site. Startling interiors in the gallery. All of two entries in his blog for Oct 3 and Oct 4. He musta started the blog just in time for some launch and then forgotten about it. Now other bloggers who like the chaotic idea (create chaos in your home?! It’s more like managing the chaos that’s there already!) visit the site and say Hm! Cool! about the pix and then dis your blog, Josh. Is this what you meant by life’s inevitable disappointments?

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