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Punk Shui

A contrarian’s view of Feng Shui: Punk Shui. Found thanks to Publisher’s Lunch, which wrote the following about the book that Punk Shui-er just sold (or is that Punker Shui?): Josh Amatore’s PUNK SHUI, a manifesto/how-to manual based on his website, which explains the benefits of creating chaos in your home, so in contrast you’ll […]

About the new patterned background….

The other night, I took a bunch of pictures of some art papers. Most of the pictures are being used on another site which I’ll give you the url to real soon now. But this squiqqly one didn’t fit. And it had to be used. So it’s goin’ here. I made that pattern using a […]

WordPress wp-layout.css Explained

Discovered this only afterwards (on another WP site, not this one. tho this one is getting a few nips and tucks today) WordPress wp-layout.css Explained